Zaky & Kazwa Pack

Zaky & Kazwa Pack SALE

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$60.00 $115.00

Zaky & Kazwa have put together their very own gift pack which includes lots of their favourite stuff!
The Zaky & Kazwa pack contains:

  • Zaky Plush Toy (Not Talking Toy)
  • Kazwa Plush Toy
  • Zaky & Friends Little Reminder Set
  • Zaky & Friends 3D Sticker Sheet
  • Zaky Handball
  • Zaky Fidget Spinner
  • The Story of Yunus and the Whale DVD
  • Let's Learn Arabic with Zaky DVD
  • Zaky's Adventures: The Earth has a Fever DVD
  • The Message Movie DVD
  • Zaky Punching Balloon
  • Zaky Propeller
  • Zaky Slingshot